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Marc David

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Quad Blaster

http://www.BlastYourQuads.com Carlos DeJesus, natural bodybuilding pioneer, invents the Quad Blaster. This contraption made of wood, black straps and a foam padded dowel is for. BLASTING THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOUR QUADS!(only serious bodybuilders need apply.) Alwyn Cosgrove calls this one "Isolated Integration." Find out more about the Quad Blaster at http://www.BlastYourQuads.com

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stax System Review

Eating 5-7 times a day is tough. Organizing those meals is a job itself. The Stax System makes taking your bodybuilding meals around for the day a total breeze.  STAX holds your daily meals, portions your food perfectly, and tailors the best food combinations for your specific goals.Eating was never so simple. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, paid by, or employed by Stax. I just like it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

How to Use StumbleUpon: Social Bookmarking Made Easy

StumbleUpon can be a major source of new and interesting sites for you to discover based upon your interests! This video introduces you to StumbleUpon, how it works, and how to use it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

FitDay Tip: Quick Custom Food Entries

Here's a quick way to get custom meals into FitDay by using another calorie tracking program. Enter custom foods faster than before.  FitDay is a wonderful online, free food journal but it doesn't have every food imaginable.  You can enter custom foods, you can do a massive Internet hunt to find out about that food, or you can open up two tabs in your browser and copy and paste those custom foods in minutes.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Burn the Fat Inner Circle Video Tour

A sneak peak inside Tom Venuto's premier fat loss support community called, Burn the Fat Inner Circle.  In this video you won't find hype or scarcity tactics.  What you will learn is more about the features of joining a fitness site with professional information, a moderated and friendly message forum and exclusive articles and interviews found nowhere else.  Membership does have it's advantages and you will see those benefits inside this short video walk-thru of Burn the Fat Inner Circle. 

Here's just a small sample of the vast resources you will have unlimited access to as a member of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle:

Friday, March 21, 2008

Underground Bodybuilding Tips - Video Review

http://www.undergroundbodybuildingtips.com  Jeff Anderson, also known as the Muscle Nerd, released a membership site with weekly videos, articles and the promise of advanced tips and tricks when it comes to building muscle.

However, on this site you can grab a selection of meal plans and the ever popular, Anabolic Growth Tracker 5000 (AGT 5000) software.   Tracking your progress just got easier.

  1. Bodybuilding meal plans
  2. AGT 5000 body tracking software

There's no obligation for the free membership.

You can download the meal plans and the tracking sofware within minutes.  No unlock codes or other teaser type tricks.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Healthy Breakfast

http://www.nobullbodybuilding.com Healthy breakfast recipes that are quick to make and can be used to build muscle or burn fat. These healthy ideas require little to no cooking. This is the perfect healthy breakfast. For more information visit http://www.nobullbodybuilding.com  

Friday, May 25, 2007

The REAL Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

If you are curious as to the effects of alcohol on the body, this could be the most eye-opening article you will ever read.

Many of us associate the effects of alcohol on the body with the heart, lungs, liver, brain, memory, etc. Furthermore, if asked about effects of drinking alcohol in terms of our fitness goals, most people will let you know about the infamous beer belly.

You know what I'm talking about right?

Drink too much and you end up storing too many calories as fat.

Many people will choose low calorie alcohol drinks or low carb alcoholic beverages in an attempt to avoid the fat storage issue. They feel that by making this choice the only bad effects of alcohol - increased fat storage - will be minimized.

But what you didn't know is that only about 5% of the calories from alcohol are stored as fat! [14]

Then it hit me as it should hit you right about now...

The effects of alcohol on the body are far more damaging than can be predicted by the number of empty calories in some alcoholic beverage.

The truth is...

1- Alcohol really affects the amount of fat your body can and will burn for energy!

In a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Research [4] they concluded that just a mere 24g of alcohol consumption showed whole-body lipid oxidation ( the rate at which your body burns fat) decreased by a whopping 73%!

When alcohol goes thru the liver, the by-product is called Acetate. It would appear that acetate puts the proverbial brakes on fat burning.

Your body can use many types of fuel. Protein, carbohydrates and fat. In many cases, the fuel used is dictated by it's availability.

Trouble is...

Your body tends to use whatever you feed it for fuel right? As your acetate levels increase, your body burns more acetate as fuel.

What this means is...

Fat burning takes a back seat!

What it all boils down to is this...

a) You consume a couple of alcoholic drinks or more.
b) Your liver metabolizes that into acetate.
c) Your body uses the acetate for fat as fuel.

2- Increase in appetite

In another American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, there was evidence to suggest that consumption of alcohol lead to an increase in appetite over that of any other carbohydrate type drink. [5]

Researchers over in the Research Department of Human Nutrition and Center for Advanced Food Studies in Denmark [8] concluded that consumption of alcoholic beverages, and wine in particular, may enhance total energy intake at a meal relative to a soft drink, when served with no restriction.

3- Decrease in Testosterone and an Increase in Cortisol

A study of 8 healthy male volunteers observed that after drinking alcohol, the effects of a significant decrease in testosterone and an increase in cortisol (a muscle destroying hormone) lasted up to 24 hours! [6]

The only real question to ask yourself is this...

If you are serious about building muscle and burning fat, you want all the free testosterone levels you can get and you want to reduce cortisol in any way you can. That means go lite on the drinking because it does affect your hormones.

What more...

Is that the effects were even worse if you exercise before drinking. [1] This means that if you are going out and will be drinking more than a small amount of alcohol, you might as well skip the gym.

Not shocking is a study done by the Department of Radiology, Sahlgrenska Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden [2] that determined increased waist to hip ratio of alcoholics may include not only changes in adipose tissue, but also in muscle tissue distribution.

In layman's terms.. that means more fat around the waist and less overall muscle mass.

4- Decrease in vitamin and mineral absorption

When you consume large quantities of alcohol, your liver is busy converting the alcohol to acetate and any vitamins and minerals that it might process are taken up by the detoxification process.

Alcohol interferes with the metabolism of most vitamins, and with the absorption of many nutrients. Alcohol stimulates both urinary calcium and magnesium excretion. [13]

This just means that you'll get less of a benefit from the "healthy" meal you may be consuming.
Food in the stomach will compete with ethanol for absorption into the blood stream. It is well known that alcohol competes and influences the processing of nutrients in the body. [12]

5- Decrease in protein synthesis of type II fibers

This means the actual building of muscle is slowed down by 20%+ or more. This included a 35% decrease in muscle insulin-like growth factor-I (GF-I). [9]

6- Dehydration

A common side effect of alcohol is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic. Drinks containing 4% alcohol tend to delay the recovery process. [11]

Considering how important water is to muscle building and general health, it's clear that dehydration can put a damper on your progress. After alcohol consumption the first thing you might want to do is drink coffee. But that's a diuretic as well. How to avoid dehydration? Drink more water.

7- Sleep

Alcohol consumption, especially at the times when you would normally sleep, can have effects on the quality of sleep. Clearly high quality sleep is extremely important to the rebuilding and growth process of muscle. Without proper rest and recovery, your gains will be affected.

Alcohol consumption can induce sleep disorders by disrupting the sequence and duration of sleep states and by altering total sleep time as well as the time required to fall asleep. [10]

8- The next day

A rather obvious conclusion but if you plan on drinking on a Friday night in excess then the leg workout you thought of doing on Saturday morning won't be top notch. It takes a bit to recover, your body to detoxify and for you mentally to be prepared to workout.

Not to mention you need energy for the workout ahead.

Sure you can hit the weights but my point is...

It's not going to be the best workout you've ever experienced.

At this point you might be totally discouraged to ever drink any alcohol again. But there's some good news.

Here's proof...

In the November 2004 issue of the International Journal of Obesity [7] they did a study on the effects of moderate consumption of white wine on weight loss.

Each group consumed 1500 calories. 150 calories came from white wine in one group and 150 calories from grape juice in another.

The conclusion?

An energy-restricted diet is effective in overweight and obese subjects used to drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. A diet with 10% of energy derived from white wine is as effective as an isocaloric diet with 10% of energy derived from grape juice.

It's simple: Moderation is the key! (with first place being abstinence as you already know).
In any event...

The effects of alcohol on your body when it comes to building muscle and burning fat are quite clear. It is a lot more than just some extra calories stored as fat. If you consume too much, it can derail your goals a lot longer after your head has hit the pillow and you've gone to sleep.


1. Heikkonen, E., Ylikahri, R., Roine, R., Valimaki, M., Harkonen, M., & Salaspuro, M. (1996). The combined effect of alcohol and physical exercise on serum testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and cortisol in males. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research, 20, 711-716
2. Kvist, H., Hallgren, P., Jonsson, L., Pettersson, P., Sjoberg, C., Sjostrom, L., & Bjorntorp, P. (1993). Distribution of adipose tissue and muscle mass in alcoholic men. Metabolism, 42, 569-573
3. Raben A, Agerholm-Larsen L, Flint A, Holst JJ, Astrup A. (2003). Meals with similar energy densities but rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, or alcohol have different effects on energy expenditure and substrate metabolism but not on appetite and energy intake. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 77, 91-100
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8. Buemann, B., Toubro, S., & Astrup, A. (2002). The effect of wine or beer versus a carbonated soft drink, served at a meal, on ad libitum energy intake. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 26, 1367-1372
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11. Shirreffs, Susan M., and Ronald J Maughan. 91997). Restoration of fluid balance after exercise-induced dehydration: effects of alcohol consumption, Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 83, No. 4, pp. 1152-1158
12. "Alcohol, chemistry and you," Kennesaw State University, chemcases.com, Aug. 2002
13. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Report to Congress, 1990
14. "Why alcohol calories are more important than you think," Christian Finn, TheFactsAboutFitness.com
Learn more about the effects of alcohol on the body and many other training, supplement and nutritional topics in Marc David's Free Crash Course on Bodybuilding eZine at: http://www.beginning-bodybuilding.com

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

E.L.M. -- 3 Bodybuilding Truths You MUST Learn

How the ELM Tree Can Help You Achieve the Body of Your Dreams!

Last Wednesday, April 9, 2007 I was kidnapped!

Into attending a positive coaching session at the local high school. The flyer said "parents strongly urged to attend." The minute I got there I had a feeling it was going to be a long night. And I didn't even have any gum.

When I flipped thru the manual and listened to the speaker, I tried desperately to think all this talk about coaching had anything to do with fitness. You know what I'm talking about right? I was desperate to find some personally connection to stay awake.

Then it HIT ME like a piano from the 30th story window!

Something called the ELM Tree. And if I had known about this when I first stared, maybe I wouldn't have made so many damn mistakes that held me back for years.

"What is holding people back from achieving total success?" Or...

"What individuals who have achieved success are doing differently than 95% of the population?"
If you know the ELM Tree which stands for:

* Effort
* Learning
* Mistakes are OK

Then you'll know how all these gurus, fitness experts and people who have achieve success do it. It's the way in which they approach their goals. And it's as simple as changing the definition of "winning" in your own mind that will make all the difference.

No need to pay a dime for this. It's just a quick and easy way to look at how you've been taught and how you should think that will flip that light switch and actually change your life.

Look, I'm human too. I've made my fair share of mistakes. Bought too many tapes and books that just pitched some backend program.

Nobody every told me my thinking in approaching my fat loss or muscle building goals were probably being derailed by my DEFINITION of success. Once I realized how the maters think, it became clear how to get the results I wanted from almost any program.

Now let me tell you about the ELM Tree. It will take just a few minutes of your time to listen. And hopefully that little light switch will get flicked on and you'll have one of those million dollar "ah-ha" moments.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How To Make Your OWN Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Supplements

URGENT PRESS RELEASE: How To Make Your OWN Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Supplements
By Jeff Anderson

Are you frustrated with wasting a week’s paycheck on the latest and greatest bodybuilding or fat loss supplements without even knowing if they’re making ENOUGH of a difference to be worth the gobs of money you just spent?

Are you sick to your stomach of getting sucked into ads of steroid-pumped pro-athletes holding up a bottle of “natural” wonder-supplements claiming that THEIR body was built “naturally”?

Are there supplements that you would LIKE to test out, but can’t see selling a “black market kidney” to pay the outrageous price they want to charge?

Well, how would you like to know how you can EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY make your OWN supplements that are AS GOOD AS, or even BETTER than the very same name brands you’ve been buying?

Here’s how to do it…


The marketing “tricks” used by unscrupulous supplement companies are numerous.

In some cases, ingredients that are built up as the next “revolutionary” breakthrough have been proven to have NO EFFECT whatsoever in independent testing.

In other cases, the research that a supplement company uses to promote its product, when investigated, actually proved the supplement DIDN’T work at all!

It’s all in the wording and manipulation of results. If a group of guys build a 1/2 lb of new muscle over a 1 month time period and another group builds 1.5 lbs of muscle, then guess what?

“Testing PROVES that our supplement can help you gain 300% more muscle every single month!”

Fortunately there are a few websites that can help you with credible independent research.

Two of the best are http://www.consumerlab.com/ and www.naturaldatabase.com.

One of these websites costs about $27 for a full year to subscribe to their information database while the other is $10 per month.

Now if spending money on doing the research (which honestly CAN take HOURS to go ingredient-by-ingredient), I’m going to give you some advice where you can bypass the subscription fees.

But more on that later. On to Step 2…


There are many “tricks of the trade” that supplement manufacturers use to help sell their products…but THIS is by far one of the WORST that people fall prey to.

I call it the “supplement sprinkle” and it works like this…

A supplement may provide an ingredient that credible research has shown to be effective at building muscle, burning fat, raising hormone levels, or whatever.

And this research is plastered all over their ads marketing their supplement that in fact DOES contain this “miracle ingredient”.

But what they DON’T tell you is that the research proving its effectiveness used MUCH higher doses than what are included in their actual product formula.

No big whoop for the supplement manufacturer…just by HAVING the ingredient, they have the “right” to claim “Product X contains a compound that showed a 250% increase in growth hormone”.

That may be true…but the small “sprinkling” of that ingredient will NOT have the same effect for the user.

Look again at independent research that has shown the ingredient to be effective and see HOW MUCH was used in the actual study that showed it to be effective.

THIS is the amount you want to use in your own personal “formula”.


Just like perfume companies take high-dollar designer brands and “copy” their formula to develop and market a much cheaper alternative, you too can “knock off” the “secret formulas” of supplement manufacturers and make them much cheaper yourself.

Now there ARE some obstacles you’re going to face if you try to do this…

First you have the earlier problem of knowing which ingredients that are listed actually WORK…and which ones are WORTHLESS.

Second, you need to know in what QUANTITIES effective supplements must be used so you’re not wasting your time with your OWN “sprinkle” problem.

Third, you need to know WHERE to find the ingredients you’re going to use at a cost low enough to make it worth your while.

Fourth, you need to know exactly HOW the ingredients listed interact with one another to either boost the effectiveness of each supplement alone…or in some cases even NEGATE the effects of other ingredients (yes…sometimes the ingredients companies use can actually cancel each other out!)

Now, on the front end, this may look like a LOT of work…and it IS if you’re doing the research yourself. In fact, it typically takes me about 2 DAYS to fully investigate a product’s claims and ingredients and then ANOTHER day to prepare my “attack plan” to formulate my own homemade formula.

But you’re in luck because here’s how you can completely eliminate the “research and development” learning curve with my special little “shortcut”…

On May 2nd, I’m going to be releasing a 200 page manual called “Homemade Supplement Secrets” that does ALL of the legwork for you.

I’ve decided to take the “fight” to the greedy supplement manufacturers and give the “Average Joe” the ammunition to keep their hard earned money where it belongs…in their own pockets!

So just how much savings are we talking about?

What if I told you that you can EASILY take a “fat burner” supplement that NORMALLY costs up to $99.98…and make it YOURSELF for just $5.00 a month?

Or how about a popular “muscle-builder” that normally costs $79.90…that you can make for just $6.29 a month?

These are just a COUPLE of examples of how you can start “fighting back” against the companies that are sucking money out of our pockets like a Hoover vacuum.

In “Homemade Supplement Secrets”, here’s what I do…

Expose all of the scams, cons, tricks, and downright FRAUDS that plague the supplement industry! There are GOOD companies…and there are “BAD” companies. I show you how to spot the cons like an FBI interrogator!

Show you how you can set up your own “home base lab” with everyday items and utensils you never expected had an “alternative” use. No need to break out that chemistry set your mom and dad bought you back in 3rd grade. EVERYTHING you need to get started can be found at your local grocery store!

Provide an “ingredient-by-ingredient” analysis of the “major supplements” in 8 different supplementation areas to show you what independent research has to say about its TRUE effectiveness so you can make your own decision about what is right for YOU. I take all of the “top sellers” and turn them inside out. You’ll know how REAL science weighed in on some of the highest priced supplements!

Break open my own personal “knock off” formulas for 24 (yes, that’s TWENTY-FOUR!) of the top selling supplements available today! I won’t spare a single secret as I spill the beans on how YOU can whack off as much as 98% on your supplement bill…starting TOMORROW!

GIVE you my own “little black book” of the very BEST resources for quality supplement ingredients that will SHOCK you with their prices. I’ve turned over every rock I could find for the past 2 years in looking for the very best deals available on supplements. You’ll be amazed at some of the deals that are literally HIDDEN from the average person and tucked away in the darkest corners you may never even think to look. I found them…and now their YOURS!

This is just a quick sample of what I’ll be revealing in this controversial “how-to” guide!

But here’s the catch…

…I’m ONLY going to release 1,000 copies of the program at 12:00 noon (US Central Time) on Wednesday, May 2nd…and notice is going out to over 500,000 email subscribers!

Why only 1,000 copies?

Well, even though I’ve remained as “politically correct” as possible, I’ve already ticked off quite a few people by stepping on the toes of the “big boys”.

I’ve even been turned down by some major fitness magazines for advertising simply because it would “hurt the feelings” of their major advertisers who are pushing $10,000 per page ads trying to get us to fork over our hard-earned money.

Quite frankly, I have NO IDEA what public reaction is going to be.

I have a feeling that the “regular working guys” who are looking to save a TON on their supplement bill will send me flowers…

But “backroom” supplement manufacturers who are pumping out worthless bottles of crap are going to contact my local Chicago mafia representative to take out a “hit” on me.

Not that I’m really concerned with assassination attempts (I’ve seen enough Schwarzenegger movies to handle myself!)…but I DO have some friends in the industry (both in the manufacturing AND marketing ends) and I’ve decided that while I don’t care about hurting the feelings of the big box supplement companies, I’m NOT looking to damage the business of friends who ARE putting out some quality supplements.

After the 1,000 initial copies, I’m going to assess whether or not it’s worth it to re-release the manual…or shut it down permanently.

I may release it again…I may not…but I can assure you of one thing…

On May 2nd, I’m going to release it at a price so unbelievable, you would be INSANE not to be waiting by your keyboard for my launch notification just so you can grab your copy before they’re all gone.

BUT…I’m going to give you a chance RIGHT NOW to sign up for my “Early Bird” Notification List where you can get an extra ONE HOUR headstart on the rest of the world (yes…this program MAY sell out in under 1 hour! If you don’t want to take the chance, then I suggest you secure your spot in line right now! No kidding!)

If you’re currently using ANY supplements, I urge you to get on my “early bird” notification list so you can be one of the 1,000 people who will gain access to this controversial new program.

All you have to do is go to www.justaskmarc.com/homemadesupplements and sign up for the “Early Bird” Notification List now.

Anabolically yours,

The “Muscle Nerd”
Jeff Anderson

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cardio Kills?!

What's the media trying to tell us now? First it was exercise doesn't really matter in terms of weight loss and now it's cardio is a waste of your time.

Folks, where's the "Cigarette and Coffee Diet?"

Here was a question from a concerned reader...

"I've heard about a few programs that advocate doing no cardio whatsoever. The descriptions are along the lines of "Cardiovascular workouts do burn a few calories, but far fewer than you think. And the more cardio you do, the hungrier you feel. Not only does cardio fail to help you lose weight, but it kills -- it kills your time, your energy, your joints, and your motivation. You burn a few measly calories but then eat twice as many afterward. The result? Weight gain -- and lots of it."

Now, listen to this very carefully...

Cardiovascular training is not a waste of your time. From a fat loss perspective, these programs make sense. You build more muscle which in turn burns more fat. Your metabolism is increased.

The simple fact remains that many individuals including some fitness professionals, appear to have only a minimal understanding of what constitutes sound aerobic fitness.

Is it a misconception that you should do cardio and eat right to lose weight?

In a sense, yes! Cardio as the foundation for a weight loss program with minimal to no strength training is a mistake.

You should be doing:

1- Proper nutrition to burn the fat and feed the muscles; no starvation diets.

2- Proper training of all systems. This includes strength training to build lean muscle and cardiovascular training to increase your oxygen capacity and efficiency.

Many of these gimmicky programs are only looking at a single perspective and not the overall goal of your fitness program.
Healthy living and longevity.

Taking an absolutist view of a fitness program is and always will be a mistake.

But do you have to sacrifice your joints?

If you are running on hard pavement with improper foot ware, you can damage your joints.
But there's several cardio activities you can engage in today that low to no impact and are joint friendly.

How about it kills your time? Or you burn a few measly calories?

Again, hasn't anybody heard of Sean O'Malley or Cardio Coach? Maybe interval training rings a bell? For many people, the mere mention of 'aerobic fitness' means some strange group of people who spend hours and hours doing cardio trying to achieve some "runner's high."

Cardio does not have to be excessive. Many people still believe that any level of aerobic fitness means committing a substantial amount of time and energy. They are mistaken.

While excessive cardio is indeed a waste of time and can be detrimental to those looking to build muscle, it seems there are some specific cardiovascular benefits that help with athletic performance that go beyond just "heart health" benefits.

Fact: Research on people (untrained) who did bike-cardio to failure 3x a week showed that the number of capillaries increased 100% in the leg...this means better nutrition and oxygen to the affected area and all that that imparts!

Cardio training provides new pathways to the muscle where strength training alone cannot.
Stick to short, effective, efficient sessions and go and have some fun in the real world!
Is there something to be said for modeling successful people?

You bet!

Athletes look the way they do for a reason. It's their training. Effective, functional training will result in great progress in less time.

As with many of these "new" programs they all seem to skim over the fact that the REAL results come from changing the person’s diet. Not eliminating cardio or eliminating weights or fruits or fats or anything else. Some have diets so low in calories it’s not a surprise people would lose weight.

I would say that making dietary changes is the most deciding factor in all these programs.
Will Brink, the author of Bodybuilding Revealed, said there are many energy pathways in existence. If you leave out something like cardiovascular training (because these programs give you the same heart healthy benefits) you are really ignoring one of those energy pathways. If you just do strength training, you’re not training or expanding the capacity of the other systems that are important to athletic performance.

How many times have you heard these...

"I run so I don't need to train legs."
"Calves are genetic so training them won't help."
"I don't train shoulders as they get worked when I do chest."

Sure the body parts DO get the benefits of a secondary muscle group but skipping them is ignoring a body part and the opportunity to focus on it.

In the above example...

Your shoulders might be tone and strong but they will never be able to support going to new levels with the bench press if they are not directly trained to move past their current level. In fact, if you bench too heavy and never directly focus on the shoulders that could lead to injury as your secondary muscle group isn't strong enough to support the work.

Making the point that every muscle needs some direct training.

While strength training might give you the heart healthy benefits of cardio, you are then ignoring a major muscle called the heart by indirectly training it and assuming it's work as a secondary muscle will be good enough.

While excessive cardio is indeed a waste of time and can be detrimental to those looking to build muscle, it seems there are some specific cardiovascular benefits that help with athletic performance that go beyond just "heart health" benefits.

Did you know you can achieve a high level of aerobic fitness in as little as 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week?

If you are looking for the proper way to eat and train that doesn't require any excessive methods, then look no further than the Beginner's Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding.

To Your Success,

Marc David

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bodybuilding Revealed Review

Bodybuilding Revealed Review
The Most Comprehensive Muscle Building Program

Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed [BBR], consists of the BBR 630 page e-book, a number of high quality bonuses and 12 months access to the private members area that accompanies the e-book.

The BRR E-book.

At the heart of the BBR system is the BBR e-book. Some 630 pages of quality information that forms amuscle building nutrition unique and powerful bodybuilding system. The e-book is split up into 5 components which are each covered in depth and allow the user to follow a clear blue print to achieve the lean mass results they are looking for.

The 5 components of the e-book are:

* Nutrition and Muscle Building Diet
* Supplement Reviews & Advice (Over 50 reviews are included)
* Training - From beginner to Advanced.
* Cardio / HIIT
* Motivation and the Mental Edge.

The BBR Bonus Material

With the BBR system customers receive 5 additional reports.

The 5 Reports are:

* Individualization Of Mass Gaining Principles by Charles Poliquin B.Sc M. Sc.
* DOMS : Misconceptions of Muscle Soreness by Evan Peck MD
* Periodization: Overcoming Training Plateaus by Evan Peck MD
* Weight Training Injuries : How to Avoid & Treat Them by Evan Peck MD
* Hybrid Training Solutions by Will Brink.

Video Review of Bodybuilding Revealed

The BRR Private Members Area

In addition to the quality bonus material BBR customers receive, a large part of the value a customer receives when purchasing BBR is the 12 months access to the BBR private members area.

In the BBR members area, customers have access to a vast number of high quality tools:

Some of these tools include:

* 1 on 1 on access to Will Brink and paid, trained coaches
* A highly organized and moderated private forum
* An online Diet Planner which amongst other functionality, allows users to store their diets, create recipes, view their progress, tally macro nutrients, create meals, provide a visual graph of LBM gained and fat lost, and log every single piece of food the eat with real time analysis. In general keep a tight grip on their muscle building diet
* Exercise Videos: Customers can watch all the exercises from the training section with online videos.
* Nutrition Database, allows customers to find out the protein, fat, carb and other values of over 20,000 foods, these can then be implemented as custom foods into the Diet Planner
* Gallery, users can upload photos and get feedback from others
* Pre Made Diets and Workout Charts, customers can download dozens of pre made diets in Excel/PDF format, as well as printable workout charts for all the workouts in the e-book (including charts for Charles Poliquin's section)
* Daily motivation quotes and a weekly bodybuilding video are shown.
* Users can chat in real time with the popular chat box
* Resources, such as body fat % calculators, 1 rep max calculator are all included
* Guru Articles, a section with exclusive content from authors such as Will Brink, Tom Venuto, Charles Staley, Milos, John Berardi and others.

I can't recommend it enough.

To learn more about Will's incredible Body Building Revealed click here.

Not Sure? Get an Evaluation Version for FREE

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fitness Pros Pitch In To Help Find Cure For Cancer…

Meet Alwyn Cosgrove (pronouced Allen). Alwyn is a well respected in the fitness, fat loss and sports training industry. What you don't know about Alwyn is that he's a two time cancer survivor and underwent a complete stem cell transplant in June of 2006! Upon returning from his second recovery, Alwyn decided it was time to give something back to help continue to support the funding needed to find a cure.

To find a cure for cancer -- we need to fund research. To fund research -- we need money. Plain and simple. - Alwyn cosgrove

He approached several of his close fitness friends, and asked them to contribute to a little book project. As it turned out, his "little book" project turned into an 800 page monster from some of the finest fitness minds in the industry. Of course, nobody wants to print out 800 pages right off or be mailed a dictionary and charged for shipping so he put all these articles including his own "live" in-the-trenches-on-the-frontline account of cancer treatment - everything that went through his head onto a CD (the articles in a PDF format).
Alwyn says he is alive today because of advanced medical treament..

Medical treatment was discovered through research…

Research that required funding…

Funding that was sourced by donations…

Donations that came from people like you and me…

All the proceeds from the sale of this product go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In the first week alone, his creation raised $10,000 and was read by over 22,000 readers on T-Nation.com With a few more liked mined people spreading the word, it's unknown what could happen.

If all of us in the Internet fitness community - readers/enthusiasts and trainers/professionals alike - would all pitch in, just imagine how much more we could raise for the Society…
Alwyn has asked us all to donate by purchasing a copy of LIFT STRONG. He has also asked us all to spread the word…
If you were about to purchase the next hyped up supplement that promises amazing muscle growth then THINK about what's being offered here.
A vast amount of industry expert knowledge. Not skinny guys who just figured out eating was the key to building muscle. Not a person who lost 10 lbs and now is a fat loss expert.
But certified fitness professionals with certifications and credentials.
Alwyn has done his part. Members of the fitness industry have pitched in and done their part. Now he is asking you to do your part. Won’t you support this cause by going to http://www.liftstrong.com/ and purchasing a copy of LIFT STRONG?
You won't find any sales mumbo jumbo on that page. I've done that here . What you will find is a list of the contributors (except me because Alwyn claimed he didn't know me). Do a Google search first to see who they are or whatever you want to do to ensure the information you are going to get on this CD is something of high value. Go to http://www.liftstrong.com/ and purchase your copy of LIFT STRONG to help support the research that could soon find a cure for cancer, with your help… then be sure to spread the word.
PS You can also DIGG THIS STORY to help spread the word. Thank you!

PPS - I personally lost my Aunt to a 2-year battle with cancer. It was horribly painful to slowly watch her die and never understand the reason's why she got it. But she kept her head high and always believed one day she would be cured.

PPPS - My wife lost her brother to stomach cancer 6 months before I meet her. He went in for a stomach ache and died 3 weeks later.

PPPPS - No matter your position on this the informaiton on the CD you'll get it worth more than most products on the market today.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Workoutpass.com, have you seen it?

I thought you would want to know about a new resource I've just discovered...

It's called Workoutpass.com by Ryan Lee and he claims whether you want to lose weight or you're an athlete who wants to take your game to the next level, he has the solution for you.

Every workout in the network was created by a fitness expert. There are no computerized programs created by a geeky IT department, our workouts are battle-tested, easy to follow and ready for you.

But there was something missing from Workoutpass.com's 43 different workout websites. Something that wasn't quite there.

Find out if Workoutpass.com really does what the "gurus" are telling you... before you order. You will joyful you heard me out...

==> http://tinyurl.com/22le5c


Marc C. DavidAuthor of the Beginner's Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How do you know if you are overtraining?

Have you ever said anything like this after what you'd think was a great workout?

"Now I feel crappy again like I did after my hard week - tired, no high. Is that a signal that I'm overtraining AGAIN?"

"Could you tell me what you think as I'm feeling totally burned out. I find it imposable not to workout. I rested over wkend but was back working out this morning. Now I feel horrible."

What is the Overtraining Syndrome?

Training beyond the body's ability to repair itself. This can be caused by training the same body parts too frequently so that the body does not have time to recover before the next workout; workouts that are consistently harder than the body is able to recover from fully; or impairment of the body's normal recovery ability due to nutritional deficiencies, illness, or stress. Besides impairing athletic performance, overtraining can increase the risk of injury or disease.

Some Signs of Overtraining:

  • Fatigue
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Menstrual or other hormone imbalances
  • Anxiety
  • Slight dizziness
  • Elevated heart rates (especially upon waking)
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
I'd even venture to guess nausea and longer then normal recovery time should be on that list, two of symptoms of overtraining you also described.

Just the other day, I saw a post on a popular bodybuilding message board by another person who wanted to know if working out the same muscle group twice in one day was recommended since they had the time.

Now, before I go on...

I want you to understand that you grow and change outside of the gym. Many people believe that when they are at the gym they are making progress but in fact that's entirely not true.

Training at the gym is a way of stimulating change, you grow and get better when you are outside of the gym! What you do after you shower off and leave the gym will determine your progress in the long run. Doing longer workouts, more reps and sets and devastating your body without letting it recover will actually set you back.

Remember, recovery is an all important step that is often overlooked. And that leads into...

1 - Training frequency.

My recommendation is train 2 days on, 1 day off. Training more then 2 days in a row is very difficult if not impossible for the natural person to recover from. When you simply break up your routine, you are allowing for more recovery time and thus allowing for your body to get stronger and better.

2 - Taking a training break.

A concept I've talked about in previous articles but the theory is, completely stop training every 8-10 weeks for 1 week and just allow your body to recover and your joints to heal. Many people can't do this. They just want to keep on going and going like the Energizer bunny but in fact, taking a break is a good thing and will allow you to come back stronger and better then before. Try it. You'll be surprised.

3 - High Intensity Interval Training (cardio)

Rather then do 45 minutes of low to moderate cardio, how about using your heart rate zones and training in intervals to get more done in less time with cardio? You'll burn more fat and more calories but you won't have to do the routine as long. You'll use intervals to make the workout harder and more fun but in a lot less time. (although longer durationcardio does work for bodybuilders and is still valid)

Many times people will do cardio with weights but they do it before or after and for too long. Here's a few tips.

a) HIIT style cardio

b) Train in heart rate zones and perceived exertion (how you feel at the time you are asked)

c) Do your cardio AFTER your weight training session. Use your quick fuel for the weights and your longer term fuel (fat) for cardio

The secret to getting more from your workouts is training more efficiently and training less.

There's many ways to do more in less time including but not limited to:
- drop sets
- super sets
- repetition speeds
- tempo variations
- rest periods
- ascending/descending sets

If you do a quick search on the Internet for "Nine Simple Ways to Increase the Intensity of Any Workout" you will find many ways to get more done in less time and avoid the common overtraining symptoms. Stated a little differently... less is more.

This makes the need for periodization even more important. Training hard all the time, every workout gives your body no active rest and no time to recover. It's a very short road to over-reaching and over-training.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Water Intoxication: How much water should you drink?

How to Avoid Water Intoxication!

Did You Hear About This?

A Sacramento, CA radio station held a contest called "No Wee for a Wii." It was a water drinking contest to see how much the contestants could drink without going to the bathroom. Ultimately the 2nd place winner (Jennifer Strange) paid with her life! Yes, you can actually die from drinking too much water.

As early as 1601, Tycho Brahe (an early astronomer) was though to have died from straining his bladder. It had been said that to leave the banquet before it concluded would be the height of bad manners, and so he remained, and that his bladder, stretched to its limit, developed an infection which he later died of. Later evidence suggested this might not be the case.
There are several other notorious cases in which infants, runners and a fraternity hazing lead to deaths from water intoxication.

While this is another sad story, it's clear that for many years, Americans have been told by the media and doctors that we are dehydrated. We need to drink more water!

Many times such things lead to scare tactic websites and total confusion. Which is why I think the following chart may help you to SAFELY determine how much water you need to stay properly hydrated for your activity without over consumption.

* this chart is meant to be a guide not an absolute *

This chart is courtesy of the ISSA

Recommended Water Intake:

Step 1 Select an appropriate need factor.

Need Factors

0.5 -- Sedentary no sports or training
0.6 -- Jogger or light fitness training
0.7 -- Sports participation or moderate training 3 times a week
0.8 -- Moderate daily weight training or aerobic training
0.9 -- Heavy weight training daily
1.0 -- Heavy weight training daily plus sports training or "2-a-day" training

Step 2 Multiply weight (in pounds) by the appropriate need factor to arrive at the recommended water intake in ounces per day.

Example 1 120 pounds x 0.6 = 72 ounces per day
Example 2 200 pounds x 0.7 =140 ounces per day

We recommend that you drink water eight to twelve times per day.

Example 1 72 ounces per day divided by 10 glasses = 7.2 ounces per glass
Example 2 140 ounces per day divided by 12 glasses = 11.7 ounces per glass

My prays go out to the family and the 3 children Jennifer left behind. It was a sad story.

Hopefully thru word of mouth and this chart it might be prevented in the future.

To Your Health and Success,

Marc David

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to Evaluate Any Training Program

How to Evaluate Any Training Program - Introducing The 7 Granddaddy Laws

The Laws of Training:

With literally hundrends of training programs available, it's obvious there needs to be some sort of quick method to determine which program is right for you. Using these fitness laws, you can take a particular training program and see just how well it stands up to the proven and tested laws of fitness.

Principles of Individual Differences:

Simply put, we all respond differently to various stimulation. While lifting heavy with low reps might work beautifully for one, it might not induce a response at all for somebody else. Many good training programs will incorporate a variety of exercises and repetition ranges to get the most out of your workout.

If everybody performs the same exercises and same programs, everybody will have different results.

This is important to know because it helps you set realistic goals and avoid frustration when you don't see miracle changes from one particular program.

Just keep this in mind when picking a program. It might be a great training program that simply doesn't work for you but the guy/gal next to you is benefiting greatly. If you understand that we all respond differently, you will avoid some frustration early on and be able to set realistic goals as well.

Overcompensation Principle:

Your body reacts to stress placed on it by adapting. Any good program will have some method of progression built-in.

Overload Principle:

This is directly related to the overcompensation principle. If you use the same weight and reps workout to workout, then there's no need for your body to adapt to the same stress that's being place on it.

As you improve and get stronger, your body will adapt quicker but your recovery abilities may not. This is the idea of split training. Training different muscle groups on different days allows you to fully target one area but allow your overall body to recover in order to be stimulated again.

Most programs get progressively harder towards the end of the cycles. You want a program that starts you off correctly but challenges you and increases the overload on your body.

This can be progressive resistence or progressive overload.

SAID Principle:

"Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands" Your body adapts to the specific demands placed upon it. In other words, if you are trying to become more explosive in your training, then you must train explosively. If you want to increase your cardio capacity, then look for a program that targets that.

If you do body weight only exercises, then your limit strength can only be increased so much without the use of weights.

Once you know what your goals are (bigger muscles, less fat, faster sprint times) then make sure the program you are on, address that specific training demand.

There's no reason to do heavy lifting program if your goal is to increase your cardio capacity (while it will it's not the most effective way to obtain that goal).

Use/Disuse Principle:

Nothing more than a 'use it or lose' philosophy. Your body will adapt to demands place on it. Your muscles will increase in size and strength if you impose demands on them. If you stop, they will eventually atrophy because of the lesser stress placed on them.

You should look for training programs that encompass all the major muscle groups. In other words, if a program neglects your lower body, then don't expect any gains in that area as the muscles aren't going to be stressed.

Specificity Principle:

You must move from general training to specific training as your goal nears. You will get stronger in squats by doing squats as opposed to leg presses. Your endurance for a marathon will be increased by running long distances vs. cycling long distances.

There is a GREAT program called Critical Bench that is all about increasing your bench press. It's a prime example of this principle.

As your goal nears, it's all about the bench press.

In the beginning it has you training shoulders and triceps and such but towards the end, it's very specific towards that single 12 week goal. To increase your bench press.

GAS Principle:

Referred to as the General Adaptation Syndrome, it's simply a call for a training program that includes periodization. Meaning times of low intensity, to overload, to overcompensation boarding on overtraining and back to low intensity.

Your body adapts to stress placed upon it.

If you keep doing a routine that worked great Day 1, by Day 365 you probably notice no changes whatsoever. You get confused and frustration.

Your body has adapted.

Look for a training program that has built-in periodization cycles.

Low intensity, progressive overload, almost overtraining to low intensity. Doing this type of shifting around does wonders for your overall progress.

The BEST example of a planned routine that incorporates all these principles is Jeff Anderson's Optimum Anabolics.

There are periods of low intensity, followed by planned high intensity with short rest periods, to massive volumes in a short amount of time. It is a great way to get around this GAS principle and stop your body from adapting to your workouts.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top 12 Beginner Questions and Answers

I sure wish I had more time to write up what this free eBook is all about!

Rather than bore you with marketing hype, here's word for word what people
have emailed me after reading this short but jam-packed report.

"You have done a good job of cutting through all the hype."-- Wade Noah
"Brilliant E-book."--
Matthew Rees

“I'm fifty now and I can tell you I've heard it all. It's refreshing to hear the truth for a change. The facts that you present in the Beginners e-book says more than all the hype in popular fitness magazines combined.”-- Ronnie Spann

"The information inside is very solid and straight forward, and anyone who is new to bodybuilding- even those who are not so new- can gain a great amount of essential knowledge, saving a lot of wasted time and effort from the start.”-- John-Paul

“I've learned so much already in less than five minutes! Thank you very much!"-- Victor Alarcon

“I think your e-book (the sample e-book that covered 12 basic principles) was very precise and covered the main fundamentals well. It's good to hear honesty and integrity within the fitness industry rather than promising quick fixes."-- Will Darsow

Download the Top 12 Beginner Questions and Answers Right Now

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

...URGENT request for help!

I need your help!

You see, right this minute there is an ONLINE bodybuilding contest being held called the "Optimum Anabolics Challenge"...but it's NOT for steroid-pumping pro's!

But here's the cool part (and where I desperately need your help!)...

I'm Contestant #22 in this Optimum Anabolic's Challenge.

Yup, that's right. I officially entered Jeff's challenge because I love testing out new routines and programs. I'll admit I've used his program twice before with incredible results.

Here's a link to check out these amazing 30 "before & after" photos:


(You will vote for me right? Contestant # 22 ) ;-)

P.S. Okay you can cast your vote for whoever you want. I just had to ask.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Nino Savona: The 'No Excuse' Natural Bodybuilder

Nino Savona is a Man on a Mission!

From time to time I'll let you know about an inspirational or motivational person that I find. Nino Savona is a man on a mission to spread the word.

What's the word?

You can do anything you set your mind to!

Nino isn't:

  • genetically gifted
  • an extreme sports athlete
  • just a bodybuilder
  • a food fanatic

Nino is:

  • driven
  • passionate
  • focused
  • persistent
  • postive

All qualities we ALL can have if we choose. After you read over Nino's story, you simply have to ask yourself, "why can't I do this?"

You can! Nino Savona is giving away the REAL secret to bodybuilding or getting in shape and pretty much the keys to success.

  1. Hard Work
  2. No Excuses
  3. Persistence
  4. Determination
  5. Passion

After reading his blog, his bio and his story, this guy isn't doing anything extreme. He's not making rocket science out of bodybuilding. He's proving just how simple getting in shape can be if you just stick with it and are passionate about it.

You'll notice that his positive energy and attitude have gained a lot of respect from fellow gym members as well as some top-notch trainers interested in him. Just for the record, Nino competes in bodybuilding competitions!

Don't wait to read his story. It's one that proves we can do this, you can do it no matter what your abilities or limitations might be there is a way to acheive what you want.


Congratulations Nino! I see a lot of trophies on your shelf soon.


Marc C. David

P.S. At least check out his bicep workout. It's a killer!


Nino Savona lives in Clifton Park, New York. He can be reached online at www.ninosmission.com and by email at nino@ninosmission.com or ASAVONA1@nycap.rr.com

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of

From the Desk of Marc David
Date: Novemeber 11th, 2006 7:00pm PST

Looking for the best abdominal exercises?

After running a very successful online bodybuilding forum, I can tell you that the second most frequently asked question by beginners and advanced athletes is...

"How do I get a 6 pack? I do and I'm X% body fat... but I still can't see my abs?"

Nick Nilsson has done it with his complete training guide. Make no mistakes. This is the real deal.

Eye-catching, fantastic six-pack abdominal muscles!! You see them on the beach in the summer. Some of the fittest people at the gym may have them. It's something that everyone wants, yet not everyone is able to achieve. Great-looking abs are the envy of everyone, and you want them! You work hard, but can never quite get there.

What if I told you that you, too, can have a knock-out midsection? The kind of abs splashed in all the fitness and bodybuilding magazines...the abs that have everyone staring as you walk by. And, you can achieve them spending less time a day than it will take you to read this message from start to finish!

If you're excited, you're still not half as excited as I am to share this information with you. I GUARANTEE you that, if you use the exercises and training programs in an eye-opening new training book by Nick Nilsson, author of "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss" and "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," you will not only take your abdominal development FAR beyond where it is right now, but you will also learn secrets that will ensure you:

- Develop six-pack abs that pop out and make a washboard look like a chalkboard
- Tighten your waist to wasp-like proportions
- Flatten your stomach in areas (such as the lower belly bulge) where regular crunches fail
- Develop astonishing core strength, rock-solid stability, and explosive power
- Tighten the muscles under the love handles to make these bulges practically disappear
- Target the hard-to-reach lower abs with guided-missile precision
- Make every moment of your ab training extremely effective, slashing workout times while creating abs that have the finest trainers begging for YOUR secrets

The facts are plain and simple, all ab exercises are NOT created equal. If they were, those thousands of crunches you've been doing would have already paid off by now. But, they haven't, and you want powerful new exercises that are going to get you results fast...not the same old thing!

In Nick's new book, "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of," you'll find 55 unique and powerful, never-before-seen exercises that work your abdominal muscles from every conceiveable angle!

You'll get 55 great descriptions on how to do the exercises along with full-color photos and videos! And, if the exercises and videos aren't enough, he's designed very specific programs to help you achieve off-the-charts results. You'll take your abdominal and core training FAR beyond where you've ever been with these highly targeted programs:

- Waist and Love Handle Minimizer- Core-Strength Workouts- No-Equipment Workouts- Six-Pack Workouts- Abdominal-Detail Workouts- Explosive-Core-Strength Workouts- Lower-Ab Workouts- Swiss Ball Workouts- Serratus Builders
And more...
No matter what your goal or desire for your abs, he's got a program that puts it all together and WORKS!

You'll find ab exercises that:

Carve your mid-section into rock-solid shape by pumping your abs! Oh sure, you've trained and felt the burn, but where has it ever gotten you? If you've ever felt that phenomenal pump in your biceps while you work them...the pump that means you're getting awesome results, then you'll love knowing how to achieve that same pump in your abs, the pump that makes your abs feel like carved granite, the pump that lets you know you're getting great results!

Create an eye-popping six-pack that will reach out and GRAB attention. The exercises in this book make the contraction in ordinary ab exercises feel like a gentle breeze. You'll get MAXIMUM tension at the most "anatomically possible" contracted position, creating the abs you've always wanted!

Imrprove your bench press. Work these exercises hard, and you'll NEVER have trouble locking out a heavy bench press again.

Work all sections (upper abs, lower abs, and side abs) with innovative and powerful exercises designed to absolutely SHRED your midsection...you WON'T find these exercises anywhere else.

Let me put it this way...

By the time you go through these exercises and work them hard, you won't have just plain old abs anymore...you'll have a steel-belted, wasp-tight, power-packed core!

If you want next-generation ab exercises that will hit your abs in ways you've NEVER experienced before, I highly recommend you check out "The Best Ab Exercises You've Never Heard Of" right this second.

Click this link to check it out now!

Best Abdominal Exercises

P.S. This is NOT your typical ab training book that shows you a bunch of exercises you already know. I've gone through this book and I can't believe how many completely new exercises are in it. If you're serious about getting amazing abs, you owe it to yourself to check this out now!

Best Abdominal Exercises

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What are Cortisone Shots?

What is cortisone?

Cortisone is a naturally occuring steroid in your body that's produced by the adrenal gland. Your body produces it under stress. When it's needed, it's released into the blood stream and is relatively short acting.

Synthetic cortisone closely matches your body's own production. The main difference is that manufactured cortisone can be injected into the area rather than put into the blood stream. It's also designed for a much longer duration (days instead of minutes).

How does the cortisone injection help?

Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication. It's not a pain reliever. Any pain that disipates when a cortisone injection occurs is because the inflammation has been reduced. Cortisone can be taken with other pain medications to work best with limited side effects.

Synthetic cortisone shots are designed to work directly on the affected area within minutes for a period of weeks.

Why would somebody need cortisone injection?

Any type of problem where there is inflammation that is causing pain can be a potential cantidate for a cortisone shot. Some of the more common problems that individuals have that might require a cortisone shot would be but not limited to:

Shoulder Bursitis
Trigger Finger
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Will it hurt if I get a cortisone injection?

Depending on a few factors like the location of the injection, if fluid needs to be removed prior to the shot, the type of needle used and the skill involved on the person giving the injection, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to mild. Local numbing agents can be used to dull the area where the shot will be given.

What are the side effects of a cortisone shot?

1- A "Cortisone Flare" is where the injected cortisone crystallizes. There can be some pain associated with this that is worse than the original pain. If this occurs, it usually lasts a day or two and is best treated with ice.

2- Possible whitening of the skin in the area of injection. Temporary but more noticible if you have darker skin.

3- Infection which is very rare. That usually avoided in a clean envrionment with a professional.

4- Diabetics can have a slight increase in their blood sugar levels which should be monitored closely.

And as always, if you are allergic to any of the medications (local numbing agents, etc) that can cause complications.

How many cortisone shots can I get?

While there is no limit to the number of shots one can receive, most common is about 3 shots a year. There's really no limit. There are practical limitations to a cortisone shot. If you give more than 3, it may not be working, in which case does it make sense to continue? Animal studies have shown that multiple and continued cortisone shots have shown some weakening in the cartilage and tendon areas. Repeated and continual injections can increase the risk of this potential side effect. That is one of the main reasons why many physicians will limit the number to 3 or less.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where can I get clothing that fits my new body?


Where do you or other body builders get their suits? Is there any other options other then serious alterations or a custom made suit?

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How I Find Almost Anything I Want

What I will share with you is the best way I know how to search for just about anything. This is really useful when it comes to researching and finding information about bodybuilding and fitness topics.

There is a great tutorial on how to tap into Google's database at http://www.googleguide.com

What I want to do here is give you some specific things that you can do at Google that will allow you to learn just about anything you want.

I want to give you some specific phrases to search for in combination with keywords to produce great information results.

Tips. If you want generalized information, this is a powerful search term. Just insert the word tips after your main term and enclose it in parenthesis. Example: "fat loss tips", "cardio tips", "muscle building tips".

Mini-Course/ e-Course. Many times a fitness expert that you don't even know about but might like has written a course on a specific topic of interest. Examples: "fat loss mini-course", "fat loss course", "bodybuilding course".

Lessons. Just another variation but it can yield a variety of information ranging from courses, articles and reports. Examples: "bodybuilding lessons", "lose weight lessons".

Ways To. Considered more of a specific search term, this can turn out some very informative search results. Examples: "ways to lose weight", "ways to build muscle".

How To. A classic search term but it reveals quite a lot of information specifically on the subject of how to do something. Examples: "how to lose weight," "how to build muscle" , "how to gain weight".

101 / Top 10. This works out quite well because it narrows down the broad topic into what might be the most important. Examples: 101 fitness tips, 101 ways to lose weight, top 10 cardio techniques. Note: best not to enclose in parenthesis.

eBook. A really good way to find some of the top products on a particular subject. Examples: "fat burn ebook", "bodybuilding ebook".

Videos. Not sure how to do an exercise? If you don't have a qualified trainer at the gym, this can be a great resource to learn how to do something. Examples: "bench press video", "how to bench press video", "deadlift video".

Tutorials. What better way to get a step by step guide for a specific subject. Examples: "weight loss tutorial", "bodybuilding tutorial".

Articles. Another classic search phrase that yields some very high quality results. Many fitness sites have a directory of guess what? Articles. Examples: "nutrition articles", "weight gain articles".

FAQs. Sometimes a hit-and-miss but still worth a shot. Examples: "bulking faq", "bodybuilding faq".

Checklists. This one can give you some incredibly detailed results. At times, the information you'll find it better than a paid product. Examples: "bodybuilding competition checklist", "weight gain checklist", "weight loss checklist".

Guide / Guide to. You might turn up more paid products than free information but you never know and it's still worth the 3 seconds it will take to type this into the search box. Examples: "bodybuilding guide", "cardio guide", "bodybuilding guide to competitions". Occasionally you can swap out the word guide with report.

Techniques. There's a lot of bench press techniques for increasing your pressing power or deadlift techniques. These can turn up tips and tricks you didn't know about. Examples: "deadlift techniques", "bench press techniques", "squat techniques", "breathing techniques".

Lessons. Another type of search you can do to find specific articles, websites and guides on how to do something. Examples: "weight loss lessons", "stretching lessons".

Blogs. A new trend is for every fitness expert to start their own blog. Sometimes you can dig up some really good, specific information. Example: "optimum anabolics blog", "weight gain blog", "skinny guy blog".

Resources. A hard one to pass up when it can give you a bookmark list you can use later. A lot of times people have consolidated lists of their favorite fitness resources. Examples: "fitness resources", "bodybuilding resources", "weight loss resources".

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's How You Can P.A.S.S. The Test

Here's How You Can P.A.S.S. The Test

A while back, Jimmy D Brown mentioned this analogy as it applied to business. But knowing that there's links between a business (making money) and getting healthy, I easily saw how this might apply to anybody who's after their perfect body.

P.A.S.S. Analogy Explained

P- ositive Attitude

You will hard pressed to get anywhere in life with a negative view. This is certainly true when it comes to changing your body. Making a choice to eat more to gain weight or to burn fat is a BIG lifestyle change. The minute you start to talk yourself out of it, it can happen in an instant.

Being surrounded by like-minded people certainly helps.

A-ccurate Expectations

Heard it all the time how in 30 days this person wants to completely change their look and life. Having a realistic goal and expectation will make a world of difference when it comes to making the right choices. Those who are in a hurry will take shortcuts. Shortcuts do not come without a price.

When you have a reasonable expectation, it's much eaiser to pursue a goal and stay positive.

S-ensible Game Plan

If you want into the gym not knowing what you are going to do, that's called going to the gym without a plan! Big mistake. But having a sensible game plan is something everybody needs. If you just started out, this means you don't pick up the latest magazine and follow the routine of a professional bodybuilder. That is not a sensible game plan.

S-teadfast Determination

There's a lot of distractions when it comes to life. If you are determined to make something work, then plan out a schedule and make it work. Turn off the noise. Become focused and go for it. All those catch phrases you've heard before and totally true at this point.

I write a weekly newsletter and I sit down and stick to my schedule because I'm determined to filter noise for you and make this work. I have to be or else everything will distract me and I'll end up getting nothing done.

This applies to your fitness endevors as well.

And that in a nutshell (along with the audio) is what the P.A.S.S. Analogy is all about. Follow those simple rules and you will acheive whatever goals you desire.

To your success,

Marc David

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Top 6 Sources of Fitness Myths

6 sources of bodybuilding myths

  1. Websites and Magazine Editors:

    Without a doubt, magazines and websites can be a popular source of bodybuilding myths. Sometimes the story will just have it's facts wrong. Or it might be an editorial. More often than not, editors have to take an old story and put some popular spin on it to make it more interesting.

    Pick up an issue of Cosmo, Us, People or look at back issues of most popular fitness magazines. How many times have you seen a new twist or angle put on the ever popular, "Arnold's Arm Routine."

    It's part of life to re-create, re-package and enhance old stories. Just keep in mind that myths can start anywhere.

  2. The "I Feel It" Syndrome:

    Just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it works for you. This can apply to training programs or supplements. The "I Feel It Syndrome" simply doesn't take into account the Principle of Individual Differences. Everybody is slightly different. If a beginning builder happens to respond very well to some strange exercise (not taking into account they are new and will almost respond to anything) doesn't make that exercise or routine one that will work for everybody.
  3. The "Big Guy" Syndrome:

    A younger bodybuilder might look up to the biggest guy in the gym, but without knowing how the big guy got big... it can be a real source of myths. How he or she got big might be 1) hard work and dedication 2) genetics 3) drugs 4) combination of all the suggested. The person asking simply doesn't really know how they got bigger and most likely it will be a combination of hard work and dedication along with some psuedo-scientific explanation of their training.
  4. Supplements Salespeople:

    How many supplements have over 300 peer reviewed and published studies behind them from various sources? Not many. Supplement salespeople have a clear agenda to push their products. Which is fine expect you don't know what they are thinking, their agenda or if they have some quota to fill. Just keep in mind they may or may not know what they are talking about. Keeping yourself informed will help you make the right choices and help them direct you to what you want.
  5. Equipmenet Salespeople:

    Similar to the supplement salespeople, how many highly training equipment sales people are fully aware of biomechanics and how exercises related to the body? Not a whole lot. You could get an entirely different story about muscle building from a Bowflex salesperson over a person at Sears who wants to sell you a weight stacked machine. You can easily fall prey to the machines vs. free weights myths right here.
  6. Podcasters:

    Heck, I'll put myself on the chopping block here. With the Internet being so popular and everybody having a microphone, all of us who podcast about fitness can spread myths or be a new source of a myth. Much like website or magazine editors, we want readers and listeners and might put new slants on old stories. Hopefully you will research things for yourself, get other opinions, check with your doctor if necessary and edcuate yourself so that you can make informed choices. Even my podcast is simply there to help you learn to love to learn.

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